You murdered him And you’re Spreading fake News about His Death – bobi wine

You murdered him

Kampala- Uganda , The MP of Kyadondo east mr Robert Sentamu also knows as Bobi wine has , has Rubbished the whole system of how the state is playing cards.

This was starter by the way the state (Government) through the Uganda police changed from Murder to Accident,  they first said it was murder of Zigy wine and later said it was an accident.

The state has then gone ahead and photoshoped the copy which was posted by Joel Ssenyonyo with the  List of all people power coordinator as introduced by their Leader Bobi wine, to the recent scenario of Zigy wine .. the copy which is spread on Social media is here .

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Stop murdering us
The fake copy spreading on Social media.

Bobi wine has this morning rubbished all this with this message..

As we continue to ask questions and demand answers about the death of our comrade #ZigyWyne, state propagandists and spin-masters are busy doctoring statements to justify their narrative! People who can make such fake letters to mislead the public can also lie about anything.

If they knew their narrative was truthful, they wouldn’t be so desperate to make it appear legitimate. Sadly for them, they think they are still dealing with the generations of 1986! Slowly, they will learn that Ugandans are not stupid.

Tuli babuufu nnyo.

Kindly dismiss this hogwash and treat it with the contempt it deserves. On our part, we continue to condemn targeted attacks on our supporters and friends.

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We also call upon all citizens not to be diverted, but continue to work even harder to build a country that respects the dignity of every citizen. God bless Uganda.

Bobi wine has alerted all people who thought that it’s TRUE people power had asked for forgiveness from the Government that it’s fake.

Watch this video , bobi told to stop hypocrisy.

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