You have Forgotten Where you came From- People Power Critics Tell Eddy Kenzo (You betrayed Us )

You have betrayed us
You have betrayed us

The people power Comrades in the struggle have penned down a strong letter to Eddy Kenzo claiming that he has betrayed many of them and what he believes in . The letter is below


Dear brother and longtime friend,

I greet you in the mighty name of Allah (if you still subscribe to the prestigious holy Islamic teachings anyway).

I understand this letter will find it’s way to your honorable desk and now that it’s shared on social media, several of your friends will share a piece of it.

I know you have accumulated a lot of wealth from the state lately since you went to bed with the dictator but allow me remind you of the golden masaka days just to set the record clear.

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Nyaru as we used to call you was such a beautiful name, if you remember the defunct BUDDUKIRO project and the home boys (Isaac Kolobba, Kony, Kalanzi etc)

Enough of the history. The biggest milestone in your career was and is your entry into the Firebase crew. You have said it time and again that this was your life changing moment.

Since then you were a proud ghetto product, a true Bobi Wine creation. The poor people’s ambassador. You were truly our own.

Kenzo meeting m7 and getting billions should not blind into thinking that the poor people who raised are useless. Driving a state given v8 shouldn’t be the reason you fight your godfather Bobi Wine.

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When you to took this paths, Bobi never humiliated you, he still held on to the memories you shared. Kenzo this move you took obtaining billions of taxpayers money to organize an NRM event in kololo (disguising as a festival) will be the final nail in your coffin.

I know this may not make sense now that you are living at large at the expense of the very people that shielded you, but this letter will resurface at a later date when all is lost.

Pretend you have forgotten me, but our Masaka history is rich.
Keep betraying your hommies, one day you will realize who loved truly the poor nyaru vending milk in masaka.

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Ndi munnamasaka munno, ndi wa people power, ate ndi wa firebase. Meaning letter was written in good faith.

Stay blessed.

Kayabula Lukyamuzi Edd as usual