You also urinated in the party Food – DP expose Nambooze


Just in now, Betty Nambooze and Jose Chameleon: What is Good for the Goose is also Good for the Gander.

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Before joining DP the Honourable Betty Nambooze was a notorious NRM cadre who led a team of other NRM cadres that raided a Uganda Young Democrats meeting in a community hall in Mukono at a place called Gulu during Ssemwogerere’s 1996 presidential Campaign. They kicked and broke saucepans and destroyed the pilau prepared for participants of the meeting.

Eye witnesses say the goons commanded by Hon Nambooze urinated in the saucepans with pilau that they couldn’t break as they helplessly watched with hunger pangs their lunch get destroyed.

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Karma did not forget all these shortly as her appetite for money and corrupt tendencies betrayed her. As Law Enforcement Officer in Mukono, she solicited money from a vendor in Mukono who ran and reported to authorities, she was trapped with marked currencies, tried, convicted and sentenced to prison.

Dr John Ssebana Kizito whom she later betrayed arranged for her legal aid, which marked her journey into the Democratic Party. The legal team successfully appealed and had her conviction set aside, and in return joined DP and was elected to the National Executive Office of National Publicity Secretary in the National Delegates Conference only a few months after joining the party. DP even got her a scholarship through KAS to build her capacity at Uganda Martyr’s University Nkozi.

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Despite this benevolence, DP is always receiving a tirade of abuses by Nambooze Betty, the kind that probably would make William Shakespeare remark in his ‘King Lear’ ‘how sharper than the serpent’s tooth, it is to have a thankless child’. Thus the story of Nambooze is not any different from that of Joseph Mayanja (Chameleon) save for the corruption bit because Chameleon has not been convicted anywhere of corruption.

For those of you who may not know, Nambooze joined DP in 2004 at Kabaka Njagala, its not any different from Chameleone’s joining from Sharing Hall Nsambya. So hearing Betty Nambooze attack Chameleon for being new in the party and therefore unfit to run for high office is hypocritical, a new kind of psychosis which makes her think she should be the first and last recipient of such DP privileges and benevolence.

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Democracy is about equal application of rules to all which Hon Nambooze should acknowledge. The same rule applied to her is the same being applied to chameleone because what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Christopher Okidi

DP National Youth Leader.

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