Who are the Seventh Day Adventist ?

    Who are the Seventh Day Adventist ?

    Part of the answer is in our name: “Seventh Day” refers to our belief in the seventh day Sabbath or the Moral Sabbath (The fourth of the Bible’s Ten Commandments). “Adventist” refers to our belief that Jesus will soon return in person to this earth.

    Who are the Seventh Day Adventist ?

    1. We are a rapidly growing world wide fellowship of nearly 21 Million.

    2. Christians who love Jesus Christ and strive to make Him the center of all we believe and do.

    3. A church that eager to share the truth about what God is really like – as seen in the life, character, and death of Jesus Christ.

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    4. Evangelical Protestant who accept the bible as our authority for what to believe and how to live.

    5. A Christian fellowship committed to sharing with others certain Bible truths that over the centuries have been largely lost sight of – our that have become mixed with errors.

    6. A community of Christians deeply interested in Health – health in body ,mind and spirit.

    7. Not a private club of saints. If anything, we’re a hospital for sinners. But we rejoice in Christ’s pardon for sin and His power to deliver us from it.

    Before we go any farther, maybe we should mention a couple of things that you may have HEARD we believe, but which definitely do not!

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    1. We do not believe that only Seventh Day Adventist will be saved – or that we are the only church around that teaches Bible truth.

    2. We do not believe in salvation by works (being good). We do not believe that we are saved by Sabbath Keeping, Clean Living, or Keeping the Ten Commandments – but by TRUSTING ENTIRELY IN JESUS CHRIST!!

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