When Baganda Surppoted Obote and Museveni it was fine but when they Support Bobi wine its Tribalism ?? – Honourable Ssewungu Utters

Hon Ssewungu Spits Fire About People Power enemies

Kampala – Uganda, Honourable Sewungu states That To those talking tribalism nonsense must understand that its not tribalism supporting Bobi wine.

Its the right thing to do at the moment. The same Bagandas you hate, are the same people that supported Obote & M7.

They fed M7, gave him their children, lives, money, food & accomodation. It was Wavamunno that helped musevens mother when Museveni was in the bush.

Wavamunno risked his life to protect M7s mother from Obotes regime. He fed her & hide her in his garage for yrs.

It was a muganda women that wellcomed Museveni & his wife & Children in Sweden. President Lule & Binaisa were not voted in by anyone, were appointed by the UGanda National Liberation Force.

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Paul muwanga was never a president of Uganda. He was the chairman of the interim govt during the election period which brought Obote back.

The Bagandas supported obote forgiving him after exiling their Kabaka. Bagandas been supporting Besigye for 20yrs.

The westerners rejected M7 as an MP. Rejected M7 as UPM president. Rejected M7 in bush war etc.

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The kabaka endorsed M7 not kayiira or Nkwanga his tribesmen. Why supporting Bobi wine is tribalism but supporting Museveni, Besigye & Obote wasnt tribalism? Bagandas will support a muteso or musoga or karamojongo as long as we have democracy not dictators and tribalists in government,

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Twebereremu to get rid of the dictators banyampis first. The rest we shall sort ourselves out later. Its Museveni that brought tribalism not Bobi wine.
Kyagulanyi Revolution
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