What Does a Supportive wife do in a relationship?

How to be a supportive wife


 Tips to women preparing for successful Marriage

Some ladies think that the only way to show a guy love is by having sex with him and because of that, they become tax collector.
That is why some ladies do not have anything to offer a guy except sex,and after that they will be expecting something in return which is Money.
Sex is not a prove of love. Some Ladies always use the opportunity to demand from their boyfriends,
Don’t use sex to prove that you love a guy.
As a lady, you can prove that you love a guy in many ways

How to be a supportive wife
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1. Buy gifts for him. You can give him gifts of T-shirts, shoes, undies, singlets or even a phone if you have the money.
(please Note I said if you have the money)

2. Take him out for lunch and pay his bills at least once in 2 months. It is not bad at all.

3. Send him some love text messages occasionally.

4. Give him phone calls daily at least once daily, ask him how he is doing and tell him that you love him.

5. Occasionally you can cook a delicious meal for him, maybe once in a week or once in two weeks, but not everyday like a housewife except you are married to him.

6. You can also help him financially when he is broke.
(That is if you are financially stable at the moment)

7. Take him out for shopping at least once in a year, You will not die.(aunty do you hear me? You won’t Die)

8. Pray for him

9. Advise him

10. Help him to build a bright future.

(Please guys I never said you should not give your girlfriend money,but let her be supportive too not only collecting and thinking that it’s only sex she can offer you.)

I know some ladies will crucify me because of this post too,but this is the ideal thing to do for your guy.

Stop being a Tax Collector and be a supportive girlfriend.



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