What are the Man’s Greatest need in Marriage – What men need from women in a Relationship

What are the Man's Greatest need in Marriage - What men need from women in a Relationship
What are the Man's Greatest need in Marriage - What men need from women in a Relationship

The top 7 things men really want in a Relation

Men are wonderful people. Very cultured, well mannered, loyal and family oriented. However, the complications of social sciences dictate that the specified dimensions of happiness, satisfaction and settlement will vary from man to man. In other words there is no universal joint or one size fits all to fix this. However general this may be, some truths can still apply and possibly be customized to your needs.


Men want, need, crave and idolize respect. You can playfully romanticize alone but in public and especially in front of his relatives, the man demands your respect.

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A man may not understand you but he wants you to understand him.


Real men may be well to do but they still need to know that they have a woman who supports them.

Just showing a man that you have his back is enough for that man to give you the keys to his kingdom.


Women in general have been taught to depend on men (exceptions apply). But men are human too. Every now and then send your man some money. Men also love EWALLET, ZXAPT it and all money that is mobile.


When you trust a man, his behaviour automatically gravitates to goodness and self governance. The opposite is true. If you constantly mistrust and show misgivings, men tend to be rebellious and subconsciously prove you right.

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Men can be slow at times. Uncomfortable in their own skin, unconsciously untouched by your needs, yet intuitively connected to your ‘hip’ like a siamese twin. In all this, a man matures with time. A good man grows with time.


Alexander Pope once said, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” There are no perfect men. Preachers are imperfect. Politicians we can’t even talk. All men have issues. Just pick those with lesser evils. I have seen women dump a man because he was a liar. Then move on to a new man only to discover he is a murderer. All men have issues. Just find a man whose issues you can live with.


The very nature of mankind is riddled with imperfections, malignant patches and severed conciousness. Those who seek perfect men must create them with perfect commitment. Men are like trees. You plant them and you wait. All the while landscaping and decorating in faith, adamant dedication and defiance.

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As a woman, close your ears from men and women who discourage you about your choice of men. Some men look POWERFUL yet are weak. Others look weak but like dynamite are full of explosive POTENTIAL. When you find such a one my sister, make him stronger not weaker. Untangle his shenanigans and uncomplicate his path. Simplify his thoughts with passions of bliss and spiritual fertilization.

The greatest duty of a woman is to raise great children. The second greatest duty is to find the child in her man and turn that child into a king. If that man abrogates his throne in future, it does not change the definition of a great woman: a king maker.