WE CAN’T TRUST YOU ANY MORE – NRM members tell Museveni as they Resort to People power

Bobi wine weighs Museveni government

Kampala- Uganda,  The compilation of the National Resistance Movement-NRM Party membership register has failed to kick off raising concern among aspirants that NRM members have lost confidence in President Museveni and they are headed for People Power.

At the start of the year, NRM unveiled its road map ahead of the 2021 general elections, compilation of the NRM membership register was scheduled to run from April to August 2019 without fail.

After which Parliament also proposed to hold primary elections for parliamentary and local government candidates between May to June, 2020.

Hardly had the road map been released, several aspirants eyeing the NRM party tickets hit the ground to sensitize ahead of the 2020 primaries but were shocked with what they found at the grass roots.

However, to date, the compilation of the NRM party membership register has failed to kick off with Some of the aspirants arguing that the failure to compile the party register may fuel irregularities in the primaries compared to the previous polls since everyone wants to run to the winning side of the People Power Movement.

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The Spokesperson of the NRM Party secretariat, Rogers Mulindwa, says the exercise has delayed due to the busy schedule of the Party Chairperson, Yoweri Museveni who is engaged in tours to sensitize Uganda on the Operation Wealth programme since he is the only one that can bring the party to order.

Mulindwa noted that the party Chairperson is needed to give guidance on the exercise before the party rolls it out across the country. Since 2010, NRM has been struggling to compile a credible register following anomalies that plunged the party into chaotic elections.

The emergence of the People Power movement has also caused a panic within the NRM party with reports indicating that the NRM national chairperson sidestepped the party secretariat preferring to work with a team of youthful mobilisers under his political assistant Eva Babalanda with intentions to overpower the People Power movement led by Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi wine before 2021