We are more than Ready to Unseat Museveni No matter what – Bobi

Uganda needs Change Insurance

Uganda- Kampala, Leaders from different Districts in Uganda meet Bobiwine.

While meeting with leaders from diffrent districts in uganda, Honourable MP of Kyadondo East Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert disclosed to them what sparked him to join politics.

We need change in Uganda

They asked them not to look at him as a usual politician because he is not, he also begged the leaders not to be usual politicians because if they they be , Ugandans shall continue to be the shit holes that they say we are.

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Bobi wine further told the leaders that people power is not a political party .

In his words he said, “We are young people that come together and say enough is enough because we know there are some of you friends that are so in love with your political parties, we dont care about your political party

All we care about is do you want a better Uganda, clear Uganda, liberated Uganda,? Your our friend no matter what party you come from.

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