Video- They’ll do all they can to implicate us as violent people but we are law abiding people – bobi wine prophesy

We are non violent people

Kampala -Uganda , The social media this morning has been boomed by pics showing a NRM supporter with 2 6 inches nails crucified like JESUS CHRIST. 

We are non violent people

This has shocked everyone and the NRM soma Activists have already started criticizing this that bobi wine’s people power is the master mind of this Act and they are busy condemning the action while attacking BOBI WINE .

But bobi wine knew all this could happen and here is the Video to clarify this .. .


So the people brigade on Social media posted this because their commander prophesied it long time ago.

“He (NRM President Museveni) wants to brand us, hooligans and violent people. We are not hooligans, we are not chaotic, we are not violent young people, we are confident young people that are standing up to take our Country back. Bobi Wine

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Now they are Nailing themselves ( We must live as brothers and sisters not perish as fools)”

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