Video -Stop that Arrogancy of “Twalwana” who sent you to the bush – Hon Lutamaguzi Laments

Who sent you to fight for us -lutmaguzi asks the Generals elly

Kampala- Uganda, No one sent you to the bush to start showing off your anger to Ugandans, your interests were to look after your families,”Hon Lutamaguzi Semakula.

Honourable Lutamaguzi has spited out fire while appearing on Bbs TV today while addressing about the issues of Gen Elly Tumwine.

“We all deserve the same rights not only those who fought ” Lutmaguzi said


Honourable Lutamaguzi addressing


  1. […] This fight has been not that of fists but reasoning in the parliament. Last week we posted A video where by Hon Lutamaguzi was complaining about the same class of Generals in the house who always dwell in their twalwana slogan at every time . Get this video here; Video -Stop that Arrogancy of Twalwana who sent you to the bush  Hon Lutamaguzi Laments […]


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