‘Valorant’ 1.0 launch adds a new character, game mode and map

‘Valorant’ 1.0 launch adds a new character, game mode and map
Valorant 1.0 Patch Notes

Riot Games

A new Spike Rush game mode is available in beta, with the intention of offering a more hectic, faster match. A brand new map is available, Ascent, that features a central area teams can control to open up different routes for attackers.

REYNA /// Mexico

“What hope do these criaturas have?”#VALORANT pic.twitter.com/inO8bR5cto

— VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) May 30, 2020

Reyna is the first new character Riot’s adding to the game. She’s described as a “big “get frags” agent” who needs to get kills to power up her special abilities. According to one designer “If she doesn’t get kills, though, she’s BAD. Like, near-useless. You’re making a big bet picking Reyna.”

Existing heroes Sage, Omen, Phoenix, Raze and Jett have all had their abilities adjusted as well, hit registration has been updated and performance fixes should help keep framerates steady. Riot has also published a “community code” ahead of launch to lay out how they expect players to treat each other — it will pop up the first time new players log in. For those who break it, they can expect a 72-hour restriction that blocks “all” and “team” chat channels, although party chat will still let them communicate with friends.

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