Uganda -People Power Believers list the top reasons why Bobi Wine is Their President After #kyarenga concert


Annews24- Uganda youth who believe in the ideology of People Power have listed the top Reasons Why .. , this has come after his Successful concert that was at Busabala which almost left everyone wondering how , because it had no sponsors but the Pop Star himself.

He is the reason why Museveni brought Kanye West in Uganda—-
He is the reason in East African history y a member of parliament is refused to cross to a neighboring country—
He is the reason why Mr Bosco is now scared—-
He is the reason why M7 is also preparing a song—
He is the reason why majority of Ugandans have united regardless of tribe, age, and political differences—

He is the reason why all cameras in the world are pointing to Uganda…
He is the reason why Gov’t went to the ghetto with money…
He is the reason Mutabani wagundi represented Uganda in tuberculosis…
He is the reason parliamentarians exchanged kicks & punches in parliament…
He is the reason why Silvia owori attacked Barbie…
He is the reason why Brian white has been given money to confuse youths…
He is the reason why Zari has been appointed ambassador of tourism…
He is the reason why Jennifer resigned voluntarily…
He is the reason why Jinja Bridge was built….

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#Tuliyambal’engule :Uganda Pop Star Bobi Wine Makes Record At His Kyarenga Concert

But above all, he is the reason why me and you have hope for a better Uganda.
And we can achieve it if we join hands and come together regardless of our tribe, religion, region, age, and political affiliations.

Uganda Pop Star Bobi Wine Makes Historical Concert In Uganda since Independence

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