Uganda journalists parade On street in protest over Government Brutality to their fellows

936,here is the speech from both opposition politicians and journalists board (UJA)

In solidarity with the journalists in Uganda, we do condemn with utmost contempt the unnecessary encumbrances orchestrated on media houses by Mr. Geofrey Mutabazi, the UCC boss.

Freedom of speech and expression must be enjoyed by all, therefore, it is uncouth for one to deny others of it and serpentine the same in a manner to please the dictator.


In a special way, we wish to thank comrade Joel Ssenyonyi formerly a news anchor on NTV for serving us diligently in the media fraternity.

You served with dignity, we shall surely miss your service on TV however, we are eager to receive it wherever you will deem your devotion necessary.


Message From UJA President on World Press Freedom Day

Dear respected men and women of the Uganda media fraternity, on this day we join the rest of the world to commemorate the World Press Freedom Day in a rather in somber mood as the clouds of injustice hang arround us. Over 13 Media Houses and about 4O Journalits are on a government black list. This is painfully unreasonable!

The calculated and continued harrasment of Journalits by the state actors is growing further to intimidate, silence and kill the spirit of the fourth estate. This must stop.

May we on this day focus so much on how we can unchain our voices. Let this be a time to reflect further on the duty and responsibility held by us to serve as the eyes,ears and mouthpiece of the millions of people whose liberties have been suffocated. The hopes of the people we serve should never be betrayed no matter the kind and nature of harrasment by the state- We should never give up.

*To the government of the Republic of Uganda:*

It’s not democracy when the media is silenced. It’s not freedom until people have the right to access to information. Mr. Government, it’s not “For God and my Country” when inherent and God given liberties to man kind are taken away by your coersive force!!
The media is not an enemy of the state but rather should be treated as a fundamental partner in nation building. Abamawulire mubaleke betaaye!

*To the Media house owners and proprietors* :

As you put the ears on the ground, you will be met with sounds of a rather uncomfortable team of dedicated journalists under your command. The working conditions ought to be improved inclusive amongst other factors, salaries and renumeration. “Abaana” bali bubi.

To the public we so dearly serve on Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Online platforms, bannaffe mwebare obuwagizi.
Your support is the engine that keeps us in the field.

We are sure the coming days and times are gonna be tough as the political temperatures continue rise. So should we, as journalists brace ourselves for the challenges ahead.This we do by speaking boldly, serving independently and sticking to the truth even when times are hard.

The Uganda Journalists Association continues to embrace the spirit of togetherness and bold Journalism with a kind reminder that:
They will try to silence,divide and intimidate us in our individual capacities or through our places of work,BUT;
No amount of indimidation should stop us from speaking the truth.

The PEN is Mighter than the GUN
I once again wish all of us a Happy World Press Freedom Day 2019

Hajj Kazibwe Bashir Kazibwe
Uganda Journalists Association

we will keep you updated


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