Uganda Government bans alcohol Sold in sachets – Reports

971, The Government of Uganda has issued a ban on the production of alcohol in sachets with effect from March 31, 2019. In a new directive by the Minister of Trade Amelia Kyambadde, all packaging of alcohol of 200mls minimum must be done in plastic and glass bottles.

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Kyambadde, in a statement dated March 1 noted that the Government had already established a committee to monitor the implementation.

She noted that government through a cabinet directive issued in 2017, took a decision to ban the packaging and sale of alcohol in sachets, which meant that the process was to transit from packaging in sachets to packaging and sale in plastic and glass bottles.

“The ministry and alcohol manufacturers, under the Uganda Alcohol Industry Association agreed on a road map to procure, install and commission new bottling packaging production equipment including building new factory premises for these new technology bottling machinery. This process has taken two years and has attracted several investments for the bottling equipment to enable the transition,” she said.

“The sale/trade of alcohol in sachets is banned with effect from May 30, 2019 and no one is expected to sell alcohol in sachets after this date.”

Kyambadde further warned that non-compliance with the ban will culminate into closure of business.

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