UCC In plan to register all online Publishers And Influencers

Ucc uganda

Kampala-Uganda, Uganda communications commission (UCC) has started registering publishers who use online space for communication services and commercial businesses, in a bid to regulate and curtail usage of online spaces.

UCC says that the online publishers who include bloggers, website owners, online shops, among others are required to register with UCC to acquire licenses that permit them to carry out their communication and commercial services online.

UCC classified online data communication services as a communication service for which one requires an authorization from the commission and all persons currently offering or desirous for providing online data communication services.

Ibrahim Bbossa, the head of public relations UCC said, “Online publishers and influencers who have reached a capacity of sharing communication content and also using the online publication for commercial business are required to register with the regulator that is UCC.

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With the growing entity of online publishers, we realized it was important to register these individuals so as they are mindful of the law and regulations as they publish their content to the public.”

All online data communication service providers including online publishers, online news platforms, online radio and television operators are required to pay an amount of $20 (73800) for registration.

The publishers are expected to abide by the terms and conditions to be mindful of public morality and avoid promoting the culture of violence among the public.

The latest move by UCC is seen by many as a measure meant to restrict the usage of the online space and also curtail freedom of speech and expression.

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UCC has already set stringent measures for mainstream media, with threats of closure and revocation of certificates in case of any breach