Try your Luck but you Can’t change Our Minds for the Struggle – Ghetto people Tell Butcherman

SHAME On You Artists Used Destroy Your Fellow Artists and fans for money - David Lewis Stated
SHAME On You Artists Used Destroy Your Fellow Artists and fans for money - David Lewis Stated

To Mr. M7 and the entire NRM Fraternity, including the newly recruited Musicians to fight Bobiwine, let me hope this finds you in your moods, let me hope you also recharged your mental batteries, updated and refreshed your mind coz it’s a Tuesday, new week and new month.

I’m sure you’ve and you still hear voices of millions of Ugandans across the globe asking you to peacefully retire, Am very sure you are also well versed with the latest trend our political culture is taking.

You are both the head of state and head of government am 100% sure you know better than I do.

I’m sure the last events taught you a lesson that anything is possible.

The moment you went to the, rebranded Yourself MAN OF THE GHETTO, appointed Butcherman, kusasira, etc as your advisors and envoys, am very sure you are feeling the heat inside you, the heat you can only overcome if you sit down and listen to the outcry of the many.

It is unbelievable but true, it sounds weird in ears of You indeed continued to prove the narrative that in Uganda is you appoint a p2 drop out as the minister for educationa d spits ans imprison a PHD holder coz she criticizes your despotic rule

Mr Presdient, Have you ever asked yoself why majority of Ugandans are tired of yo rule(Rememebr 80% Voted no to Age limit removal)?, have you ever wondered why majority are crying out for a peaceful transition of power?, and BTW has it ever even crossed your mind that at some point yo not gonna be here and Uganda will move on?, try to digest not what your useless bunch of advisors and the so called intellectuals report to you, dive into the reality, digest the message that comes from ordinary Ugandans, digest the outcry of helpless Ugandans.

You can as well listen to Bobi’s music, it carries a lot of sense.

Mr M7, you forgot one important thing, you curved your name on stones and funny buildings in order to be remembered, you should have curved your name onto our hearts by doing exactly what Ugandans expected, now the stones are smashed, buildings are faded and some compatriot, a true devoted son of Uganda has curved his name with bold letters onto our hearts, and guess what he dint leave any space for your name, his words resonate and they always sweep our minds, his words are so touching, so inspiring but above all his message is very clear, it is articulated in the language a common Ugandan clearly understands.

He is our President

And to you my fellow youths, especially the ones whose only preoccupation is to look for a “kawogo” from NRM let us stop being used, we all know M7 uses divide and rule, we should not allow ourselves to be puppets, we should desist from all forms of divisionism, together we can build a country that works for all, where you don’t need to betray your country to earn a living. Let us all direct our efforts to over this dictatorship, to the UGANDA WE WANT.

If you are against Bobi then you do not love Uganda, if perhaps your point of view differs from his, then you r simply proving it that you don’t need a better Ugand.

Fact is at this point Uganda is in comma, things r not okay, abantu baffa nnyo, innocent souls are lost, murder after murder, Am 100% sure that all Ugandans want a free Ugandan, well facilitated hospitals, institutions, employment opportunities to the youth regardless of who knows who, yes your right the government can’t provide everything, but it should then, come up with alternatives, create platforms where unemployed youths are catered for in one way or the other, given options in form of low interest loans. So many things the government can do, but it all begins with commitment and accountability. For 34 years and M7 still wants more time, to do what?

This Bobiwine has really showed us the level at which some government officials stop to reason, their reasoning capacity is indeed below the minimum level of a normal human being, they are a total disgrace, it’s absurd but true naye beebo betulinawo, They even fail to articulate a simple issue, every time Bobiwine Bobiwne, Kahinda Otafiire.

If things r okay as the spokesperson and the so called intellectuals claim, Why do we still have ongoing killings of innocent Ugandans, why does the UPDF continue to harass, raid Universities, rape beat and kill innocent Ugandans and they simply just walkway with it? Why unemployment still stands at 83%?

If things are okay why Uganda is still listed amongst the most corrupt and poorest countries in the whole universe? Does it make sense for a country like Uganda endowed with all natural resources to be amongst the poorest?

The only language our Parliamentarians know is borrowing huge amounts of money, Uganda’s debt now stands at 41Trillion and still counting. CORRUPTION.

If the force used to fight Oppositions politicians, if the force used to spy on Ugandans with political interests, if the force used to brutalize Ugandans is used and diverted to fight corruption, is used to make follow ups in different ministries I bet Uganda would be a corrupt free economy.

If the force used to torture people power supporters and whoever gathers their courage to speak about the injustice, the force used to beat and kill supporters of different political ideals is diverted to hunt those that continuously kill innocent Ugandans, used to embark on closing the wide skills gap between a transitions from University to the labor market which actually is one of the major reasons prolonging unemployment in Uganda.

If the same force is used to foster entrepreneurship, and illuminate pathways to productive work among the youth, if the same force is used to narrow the widening gap btn the oppressed and the oppressor then Uganda would be far.

The challenge is what these people care about is how to secure their longevity in power. But truth be said you cannot stop an ejaculation whose time has reached, the time is now.

And to you whom we differ in one way or the other let’s not trade lies, let’s not spread hate, Uganda is now drifting and slowly graduating from being divided along tribe and partisan lines, so my humble request is, lets spread love, lets speak the naked truth, let’s call a spade a spade, we are all Ugandans and am sure we all want to live in a better Uganda, lets love and respect one another regardless of our political, tribe and age differences.

Do you feel happy seeing innocent Ugandans being mascaraed and nothing is done even when the perpetrators are known? Do you feel happy with the highest rate of unemployment? Do you feel happy with the high rate of corruption?

Video - Don't Ever Step A feet in Kawempe Ghettos - Youths from Kawempe warn Butcherman
Video – Don’t Ever Step A feet in Kawempe Ghettos – Youths from Kawempe warn Butcherman

Do you feel happy with the way our shillings loses value day by day? Do you feel happy seeing our government injecting billions of shillings to spread propaganda with the aim of dividing us?

When I sit down and think about whats happening in Ug, that’s when I 100% agree with Bobi that Uganda is currently steadily sinking in a state of a failed state We need to open our eyes to this reality.

Higher positions in Government are filled with brains of 19th century all they know is “we fought”, when do you expect such people to tackle 21st century problems, in brief there is nothing new these guys can bring on table, there future is in the past, we need a new breed of leadership, a new set of leaders with a clear mind.

We comprehensively discussed a wide range of issues as regards to our plans for our country as we come closer to the 2021 elections.
We comprehensively discussed a wide range of issues as regards to our plans for our country as we come closer to the 2021 elections.

I would end this message by asking you to just inch a few steps in moments after when this Mzee has left power, what’s your point of view? Leave it in the comment section below.
By job muwonge


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