Top main Natural Remedies for Excessive sweating

Top main Natural Remedies for Excessive sweating

Here we give you the best of what we know,

How important is this function of the skin, testifies to an ancient Greek greeting, which is in place of our How are you? What did you say? It’s like explaining everything. Good sweating good health.

Top main Natural Remedies for Excessive sweating
Top main Natural Remedies for Excessive sweating

Sweating must never be suppressed, but it can be regulated.

To begin with, everyone who “does not sweat well” should drink sage tea. She is amazing excessive sweating reduces and improves immensely.

Make a stronger sage tea. After half an hour, process it, cool and pour in the same amount of 70%  alcohol.

This way you get a liquid that you can spray in places that are too sweating, of course after basic wash and wipe.

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If you have problems with sweating, especially flying, it’s good to do the following:

After bathing, cover the place most sweating with the walnuts leaves.
They also help and are very pleasant and delicate rose petals, chamomile and leaves of the forest strawberry. Rub the whole body with this. It helps. Top 10 ways to expel poison from the lymphatic system organs in the body

Natural anti-sweating medication
There is no real cleanliness until a person smells like a freshly bathed baby, like a rose or if at all does not smell.

And, although “cleansing from the inside” most strikingly affects all the dysfunctions of the organism, even to this, here is the “ambulance” for this problem.

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First, shortly (and just not to grow up) to cut your nails on your feet and after regular, basic and prolonged washing with soap, rub the skin on your feet with tincture (alcohol) of sage and let it dry.

Often, after washing, stay in the bath and put sea salt or baking soda. Be persistent, an effort is worthwhile. For excessive sweating, apply a bath of oak bark: 100 g of this herbal raw material goes to a liter of water. The feet are kept in it for 20 minutes, at a temperature of 37-38 ° C. The treatment lasts for 15 days, daily.

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You can also prepare the following liquid: in half a liter of fruit vinegar and half a liter of distilled water, add 3 g of dried herbs: sage, lavender, rosemary, and arnica. Mix well and pour into the bottle.

Keep in the dark place for 21 days, after which the liquid should be processed and kept in a bottle again. For bathing your feet use 1 to 2 dl of this liquid, you can add a little sea salt. You should do this consistently and persistently, every night. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

Over the course of the day, pay attention to foot hygiene and wear socks exclusively from natural materials, which, is also valid for shoes. Non-skinned shoe damage health.