Top benefits of banana barks and peelings to our health

Top benefits of banana barks and peelings

When you read this text, you will never throw away its bark again. Just like bananas, the bark is full of nutrients. In some countries, like India, the taste of these delicious fruits is considered delicacy, but you can also use it to beautify.

Banana is very healthy and rich in fiber, but its bark is also very useful. We usually throw her bark, and the Indians have been used for many years for various purposes. Common Cold symptoms and the natural remedy for cure

The banana bark is good for the skin and successfully treats various skin diseases. Rub the bark of the banana on the skin, act as an antioxidant, hydrate it, relieve itching, and help with psoriasis. The inside of the bark is used.

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Ordinary, harmless warts can be removed by rubbing with the inside of the banana bark.

What you will like is that, like coconut oil, the inside of the banana ban has the power to brush your teeth in a healthy way. Just rub it with your teeth every day for at least 15 days and will notices a significant improvement.

It is better, in any case, that you use natural ingredients more, because it will not lead to harmful effects such as the use of various chemicals. Sign this petition Requesting Parliament Women Org to Stop Ps Bujjingo From Attacking his Wife

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Since there is no habit of eating bananas bark in our area, it will probably be difficult for you to get used to the idea at first in order to eat it, but there are several interesting ways to do this.

For example, make a juice. Put the banana bark in the blender and add some coconut milk, cinnamon, ice and any other ingredient you want. If you choose this way, use the bark of yellow bananas because they have the taste of bananas that you are used to and they are sweeter.

Another option for ripe bananas is tea. To prepare tea, remove the ends and boil the bark for about 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy banana tea. If desired, you can sweeten the tea with a little honey.

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For cooking are better green bananas. You can use them to prepare kari or instead of potatoes.