Top 10 Secret Tips for a successful Marriage


Top 10 key secrets to a successful marriage

First of all , Marriage is a union of Two people  (man and woman) who have reached an agreement to take on their future life as one .

Marriage is full of happiness and at the same time its full of joy. Marriage is a must to all of us mainly the bible believers and the quaran believers and all other religions under the sun because it’s where we all come from.

We will guide you through how you can keep your marriage stable and happy with your partner without any misunderstanding .

1, Patience: Patience has to be part of marriage for example at some circumstances where your husband has not fulfilled what he promised you, patience also helps to build trust between the couple and hence creating more unity between the two of you.

2, Happiness; Marriage is happiness and try to make sure that you keep your husband happy , most cases women find it hard to tackle some issues with their hubbies because they are not happy and this leads to divorce because their will be no platform for unity in the family, happiness indicates the future of the couple because marriage is happiness itself.

3, Attitude, Your attitude matters alot in your marriage, when husband has a negative attitude, the wife will obviously feel bad because their will be mo happiness in the family and this may cause a problem if its not changed , so mind much about your attitude with your husband, leave the stress at work and let your marriage be your source of joy.

4, Healthy Mind; A healthy marriage is likely to last longer if both a man and woman have a healthy mind towards each other and this may also contribute to your happiness in your marriage with no regret.

5, Focus on your hubby; Marriage is most stressful if you both not feel each others presences but the only way to fight this is by focusing on you hubby much of the time you spend together.

6, Communication, Without communication, it’s hard to have a successful marriage because both sides will feel cheated by the other, try to pay much attention to your hubby by calling him or her any minute you feel he’s silent and this will boost him also to love you back.

7, Keep your promises, Keep the promises and fullfil them , dont cheat, love your hubby so much and make sure she is contented.

8, Keep the romance alive, with this point , since you’re the source of happiness to your hubby, try to keep him or her closer to you and dont shy away in public or during the bed intercours , this will increase the love and trust for both sides.

9: Be appreciative, Say thank you for every little thing your hubby does for you, thank him , this will increase the love and trust between your marriage and you will love each other for ever.

10, Trust , Marriage is built on trust for each other, make sure that you prevent any coincidence that can make you lose trust in your hubby and avoid getting into what your not concerned about, this will boost your love towards your hubby and it will decrease the chances of cheating between the two of you.

In addition to all that ,

Patience is the one of key fundamental factor to a successful marriage.  Patience is the most useful tool to have in managing a healthy life style. Being patient and forbearing put us in proactive frame of mind and brings us close to God and also relying in Him.

We develop an inner mechanism that empowers us to handle life’s difficult moments.

As saying goes; by time humans are at loss, except those who believe in God and do good deed and counsel each other to the truth and patience.

Many couples unnecessary make themselves miserable because they are an willing to adjust to one other a little. We should not expect our spouses to be our extensions.

They are their own selves with personalities, likes and dislikes. We must respect their rights to be themselves by accommodating their individual differences.

Accomodating Individual  Differences for example;
1, Cultural diversity
2, Religious difference

Relationship quotes: by Twalla

Complement and appreciate each other at all times.

– No matter the circumstances, never go to bed angry at each other

– Hold on to what attracted you to each  other in the first place

– Love cannot stand alone without the pillars of faith, trust and kindness to each other.

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