Top 10 Most Expensive CEO Homes In the World 2019

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The basic needs for human life are air, water food and shelter. In that case in this modern world we give more preference to shelters. There is a vast increase in urbanisation. In this modern life style we all wanted to live in a fully furnished house.

In fact it is not very surprising to know that people estimate our wealth by the house we live in. So here there is a list of few expensive CEO homes that are as follows


The price of this mansion is 23 million dollars. The CEO of Amazon named Jeff Bezo is now considered as the richest person in the world. And also He bought this expensive home in DC. This house actually consisted of two mansions. Former textile museum in Washington was also purchased by him. It is expected that he will soon be neighbours with the Obama and Kushner families. The high price value of this house is not only because of the size of the house but also because of the high architectural pedigree. In 1912 the founder of the museum hired John Russell pope who was the architect of the Jefferson memorial to design his home at 2320 street. A decade later buyers bought the adjacent mansion which was designs by an architect form Washington. Now the both properties are on the national register of historic places.

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First of all the price of this home is 28.85 million dollars and This is a fully equipped equestrian estate in the low key but high toned seaside community of Montecito California. Oprah winfrey bought this home for 28.85 million dollars. This includes the 23.26 acre horse ranch.

This borders almost the entire landscape. These lands were sold by the heirs and executors of it. Unassuming red brick pillars along a narrow hedge lined land marks the main entrance of the property and an unpretentious back dropped drive leads to the main residence and a low slung multi winged ranch house. This was originally designed by California architect cliff. There are four fire places inside the house. One in the living room, family room, master sitting room and master sitting room.


Most of the celebrities would buy their neighbour homes in order to maintain their privacy. When they wanted to buy their neighbours home the market for the house hugely increases According to the recent news Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of face book spent 30 million dollars to buy four of his neighbour’s homes. He paid 7 million dollars for the house he is living currently. This house includes five bedroom, five bathrooms, a good porch big windows and a great big yard for his dog.


Larry Ellison is not a stranger as he is the founder of Oracle. He has been called as the nation’s avid trophy home buyer. This is because he has entirely bought all the neighbourhoods in Malibu and the Lake Tahoe area. He spent 48 million dollars to acquire a house along pacific coast highway which was designed by Getty Centre architect Richard Meyer. This home includes five bedrooms, a tennis court and a pool which covers about 7700 square feet.

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As a matter of fact Richard is a billionaire and the founder of virgin group. He created a perfect get away location with a property having an estimated worth of 60 million dollars. He spent 80,000 dollars to buy Necker Island. According to the laws of the state the person who buys this should build a resort over there. So six years later he opened the doors to a luxury retreat that can accommodate only 30 guests. Guests are forced to pay 54,000 dollars for a night stay at that resort.


Interestingly the big island of Hawaii Kona coast is a magnet to billionaires in the market for their vacation. The Dow founder owns a sprawling oceanfront property in a gated community. Raptor residence is a palatial 18500 square feet luxury estate in the Hawaii tropical region.

This estate is owned by a millionaire named as Michael Dell. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Dell. This is a seven bedroom and nine and also half bathroom home. According to the public assessor’s office the raptor residence is worth 65 million dollars. The residence is a tropical oasis of mesmerizing indoor/outdoor spaces that emphasize tranquillity and liberating relaxation in an invigorating direct oceanfront tropical resort setting.


Bel Air homes is the CEO of Tesla. He is a busy man and hence he is making space vacations. He has five homes within walk able distance.

The average price of this property is 70.3 million dollars. And also One of his homes reportedly has seven bathrooms and seven bedrooms with four half baths. Bel’s homes are furnished with solar panels that are invisible from the street but works with high efficiency.


Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation whose is native to Seattle. He owns his homes in Manhattan, Malibu, Hawaii, and London, France etc. Among these one of the most attractive property is the home in Mercer island, Washington. He has never been married. This house is featured with a floating helipad, a basket ball court, enormous fitness centre and a beautiful swimming pool with a water slide.

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First of all, Bill gates is one of the richest person in the world. According to public assessor’s office his property value ranges about 1124.99 million dollars. He bought this is 1988 for 2 million dollars. Xanadu 2.0 looks over lake Washington in Medina Washington. This mansion is noted for its design and the technology incorporated in the house. Gates became fond of a 40 year old maple tree that grew close to the homes driveway and now this tree is monitored by a computer. This house is fully furnished with too many sensors throughout the whole area of land.


Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance industries.As well as  He owns a private home in South Mumbai. He employed 600 employees to main the residents 24 hours a day. In 2004 this has been considered as the most expensive residential property after Buckingham palace. The value of this private residential property ranges over 2 billion dollars.

This house was designed by Chicago based architects. Australian based construction company was given with the in charge of this construction.

This home has 27 floors with extra high ceilings. The most prominent feature of this house is this house is constructed in a way so that it could survive 8.0 magnitude of earth quake. This is the world’s largest residential home for a single family.