Tips On How to live healthy and Happy Everyday


When you talk about health, it’s such a broad topic to tackle.Tips On How to Live and Happy.

Health is not just about the food we eat or exercise we do, it also intells of both the mental and physical, which includes your body being free of any type of illness.

If you really want to have good health, you have to start somewhere. Your are going to have to change your lifestyle. Don’t push your body with ridiculous exercises and staving yourself. Begin with light workouts while you gradually increase.

I recommend that you do not skip your meals. When you do that, your body will think that you are staving it and it will store as much fat as it could and all the exercise you’ll be doing will be in vine. You’ll not see any change.

The secret to a good health is consistancy. Whenever you make that decision to loss that weight, to eat healthy food or to begin working out, stick with it.

Don’t begin applying the changes one week and next week you go back to your old ways, it will not work. Be consistent and committed to your lifestyle change as you strive for a better health.

As you improve your health, the higher chances of you leaving longer and you’ll not be prone to any disease like; high blood pressure, diabetes…etc. Here are some exercises to do that will help you stay healthy.

1. Running
Running is one of those exercises that anyone of any age can engage into. It’s not hard to perform as long as you have your running shoes or you can even run beer foot.

You burn more calories when running and that means your losing more weight. Running energies your body which decreases your moods and stress; keeps your heart in good standing; improves blood flow to prevent blood clots; and keeps you looking young and vibrant. Jogging is also another form of running.

2. Swimming
The great thing about swimming is, it affects every part of your body while your enjoying it. Swimming is one form of aerobic exercise that teaches you how to control your breath; you experience less injuries; and tones your muscles.

Because of the gravity in the water, swimming is great for people that have osteoarthritis and people recovering from injuries.

3. Walking
All exercise workouts have similar benefits. Walking is less strain full, easy flow but leaves a great impact on your body. It tones your body, keeps your bones strong, reduces your cholesterol levels…etc.

4. Strength Training
Weight lifting is great for strengthening your muscle at the same time, you are burning calories. I was always afraid of weight lifting in fear of bulking up but I learnt something new. You will not bulk up your muscles if you lift light weights. If you are a beginner, it’s recommended that you start with light weights.

5. Yoga
I know yoga doesn’t look like a type exercise but it does posses great benefits to a healthy body. Yoga targets mostly your harmonious relations of your mind & body, also good for building body strength and it help you get in tune with flexibility. Most yoga have a general process which contains:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Assuming posture

6. Stretching
Stretching is very important to do after a workout but also when you don’t workout.

I stretch when I wakeup in the morning or at anytime of the day.

Wikipedia says; Stretching is a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone.

In simple terms, after a workout, your muscles can get tight. So stretching helps relax your muscles and it prevents you from pulling any muscle.

For better flexibility, here are some stretching exercises:

  • Standing quad stretch
  • Lunge with spinal twist
  • Triceps stretch
  • Standing hamstring stretch
  • Piriformis stretch
  • Triceps stretch
  • Butterfly stretch
  • Seated shoulder squeeze
  • Side bend stretch
  • Lunging hip flexor stretch
  • Lying pectoral stretch
  • Knee to chest stretch
  • Seated neck release
  • Lying quad stretch
  • Knees to chest…etc.

With all that, you will live a very healthy life . Share the this Message to others. Keep checking our page to keep you updated.



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