Tips How to love a Broken Heart Woman

Broken heart


Dear men,

If you mean to love a lady who has been heart broken in the past, or once made pregnant and dumped by another man, then you better be serious with her.

Handling a woman’s broken heart is like handling pieces of broken glasses; you might also get hurt in the process. Just like broken glasses would need some smelting in a furnace under highly skilled hands to make another complete whole glass, a lady’s broken heart or a single mother’s broken heart requires high skills to reattach the broken pieces into a whole heart. Top 10 ways to expel poison from the lymphatic system organs in the body

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It needs a man who is fully dedicated, who has more gentleness, love, kindness, care, patience, tolerance and understanding to make a woman’s broken heart into a whole one once again.

If you are not ready to love a woman who has an otherwise bitter past, please leave her alone. You will end up hurting her more and hurting yourself in the process.
A proverb says, “Hell has no fury than a scorn woman”. if you want to see full wrath of a woman, try a woman with a bitter past, a broken hearted one for that matter…
A strong man, determined man and who is being guided by God is the only man who is able to fully heal the broken heart of a woman with a bitter past.

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A man who’s intentions are genuine cannot dread going near such a woman and get close to her. The only thing that makes them seem “hard” to be with most of the time is simply because they want no drama in their lives, they want men who are certain of what they want and what they are doing.