This was the first Ever concert of the Year in the Corona lockdown – Analysis on Bobi wine home show

Bobi wine at home concert
Bobi wine at Home concert


Yesterday unveiled a lot about BOBI WINE, Musical Perspective! Bobi is still a giant in the music business , has mastered the art of showbiz, has the Vibe, vocally, lyrically, and his freestyle is class. The sound was amazing ( kudos to the sound engineer) I could feel every instrument very well balanced the drums, bass, guitars, keys (brass), and backup voices.

As if that was not enough The Afro-percussion Fusion!!!! Oooh my God that ( Endigidi) tubefidal , drums , Amadida, Ensassi took me on the journey to the once the most beautiful country on the Continent, where race tribe, political belief, and religion could not separate us.

where there was unity in diversity, diversity in culture and language made Uganda beautiful and rich in all aspects of daily life food, nature, fish, domestic and wild animals, art, natural minerals, topography, beautiful lakes and rivers, mountains, green vegetation, rain and sunshine. We had no boarders and homes never had fences ( walls) and security cameras, without guards with weapons like guards.

Nubian Lee always alongside Bobi wine
Nubian Lee always alongside Bobi wine

Everyone was welcome, hospitality was at its best then. Sorry that will be a topic for another day .

The band ( Solid band and Kika Troupe ) ft Myko Ouma and PaddyMan, backup voices, did there rehearsal. I speak this as a musician. The breaks, the bridges , the interludes, was perfect on exceptionally on point . Indeed you rehearsed thank you .

Nubian Li , I have discovered with time that Nubian has come to resemble his brother. They kept together in thick and thin. He was backup amazingly bridging the gaps with his vocals. I love you Nubian.

Any way back to the point , I had diverted. Every song that he performed had direct message on; #social , #political and #economic aspects of life. He talks about the economy of the country how China has taken over everything that is ours to echo his words ” if we have grow cotton , and have designers why do we import clothes from China” , he went on talked about the bad food given to the masses in this pandemic, bad leadership, corruption, nepotism, unemployment, political persecutions, tribalism, and other political problems. He advised the young people to take leadership in order to be in charge of their unpredictable future.

Socially he advised young girls to keep at school. Echoes value of honest and Truth. He taps on Homosexuality , cross generation sex, gender based violence, and other vices. Strong points on encouraging the young generation to take on political offices ,

Back to the show, He showed he is the BOSS of social media ,breaking the record set by Eddy Kenzo back then after his break up with Rema, the statistics are clear he hit 28k live views in just minutes. All pastors live combined ( Kayanja, Bujingo, Senyonga, Serwadda, Kiwewesi, and some two others) could only afford 1k. He is set the bar so high that “abamugoba bayinza okongojja”

Another dimension, was how beautiful Kyagualnyi’s home looks. The lighting was super artistic. Hope one day it can be the.
” state house” Kisoboka.
Lastly but not least was when Bobi sang the legendary Bassude’s Song , paying his respect to the singer and reminding of the late Moses Radio. This was also a highlight.


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