The” Arsal _Relief” campaign is launched by Qatar Charity for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Moon shoes,Qatar Charity, under the supervision of the Charity Organization, launched the “Arsal _Relief “campaign in response to the difficult humanitarian situation.

To provide urgent assistance to the Syrian refugees in the city of Arsal and other Lebanese areas because of the impact of the storm “Norma” and affected by the snowstorms, frosts and rain of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

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Trying to contribute to meet their basic needs in the areas of provision of heating, food and medicine. Therefore, the campaign aims to raise 20 million riyals.

Therefore, the campaign appeals to the good people in Qatar to support their fellow Syrian refugees under the conditions they are going through, to donate to the campaign to support them, to try to provide their families with hope, and to alleviate the pressures on the circumstances.

The campaign also urges the interaction of all groups of media and activists on social networks and the public in general and to provide support by all available means.

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