That Slogan “People Power” Can Overthrow The NRM Government -Tamale Mirundi


With ‘People Power’ becoming a common chant in most parts of the country, Tamale Mirundi believes the slogan is a big threat to the ruling party NRM. According to Tamale, such political slogans have ditched several governments from around the world like in Kenya, USA, and Germany among others.

Bobi Wine’s slogan is a very big threat to the NRM and this is because of the mistakes they have done. He doesn’t have a political program but his slogan, ‘People Power’ is very dangerous,” says Tamale Mirundi.

Tamale urges that Bobi Wine who he described as a ‘lucky man’ is doing nothing new but with the Ugandan population now dominated by the youths, he has given the hope that with their power, they can force for the change they desire.

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He further stated that the Arua chaos has even elevated him more because no politician in Uganda has ever got an international attention when arrested as it has been on Bobi Wine.

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