Own My Life Oh God – Glory to Glory


But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. 2 Corinthians 3:18.

Read -READ: Luke 9:28-35

The moment you become a child of God, the glory of God comes upon your life. From that moment, God’s expectation is that you will continually move from one level of glory to another (Proverb 4:18). A person who experiences shame will understand and appreciate the importance of glory. I pray that anything that is causing shame will disappear today in Jesus’ Name. there are different types of glory, one of which is physical in nature. From a physical perspective, sicknesses and diseases are some of the agents of shame. After experiencing the shame of sickness, it is indeed a glorious thing to be healed

The woman with the issue of blood entered into the realm of glory the day she touched the hem of Jesus garment and she was healed from her infirmity (Mark 5:31-34). While it is great to experience healing, you can move from the realm of being healed to the realm of living in good health permanently. If you are not yet living in that realm, I pray that God will take there in Jesus’ Name. Beyond this realm lies an even greater realm of glory where a person becomes an agent of healing, just like the apostles of old (Acts 5:12-16, Acts 19:11-12). Your target should be to operate in this realm of glory. Glory can also be viewed from the perspective of material processions. It is a glorious thing to be rich, because poverty brings shame. While Abraham was rich, Isaac was so rich that kings were envious of him (Genesis 24:24-35, genesis 26). Although there is glory in being rich, it is more glorious to be wealthy. However, beyond these two realms of material glory lies the realm of flourishing. Solomon flourished so much that silver was like common stones in his days (1 Kings 10:27). Today, may the Lord move you from glory to glory in wealth in Jesus’ Name.

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Nevertheless, the spiritual aspect of glory is the ultimate. It is glorious when you become so intimate with God that before you finish praying, the answer would have already come. When you pray like Elijah did and fire falls, this is glorious (1 Kings 18:31-39). However, it is more glorious when you live by decrees. Elijah moved from the realm of accelerated answers to prayer to the realm of living by decrees. He decreed that the first two set of fifty soldiers that came to arrest him be consumed by fire, and it was so (2 Kings 1:9-12). Beyond this realm, there is yet a higher level of spiritual glory where you arrest the Arrest and the arrest lives at your mercy. Elisha experienced this level of glory (2 Kings 6:8-23). Above all, the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom is the climax of spiritual maturity that brings an individual into irreversible glory. I decree that from today, you will begin to go from one level of glory to another in every area of your life in Jesus’ Name.

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PRAYER POINT: Father, from today, please take me from glory to glory in Jesus’ Name.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Exodus 29-30; Romans 10:5-21



1. Take my life and let it be

Consecrated, Lord, to Thee.

Take my moments and my days,

Let them flow in endless praise.

2. Take my hands and let them move

At the impulse of Thy love.

Take my feet and let them be

Swift and beautiful for Thee.


3. Take my voice and let me sing,

Always, only for my King.

Take my lips and let them be

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Filled with messages from Thee.


4. Take my silver and my gold,

Not a mite would I withhold.

Take my intellect and use

Every power as Thou shalt choose.


5. Take my will and make it Thine,

It shall be no longer mine.

Take my heart, it is Thine own,

It shall be Thy royal throne.


6. Take my love, my Lord, I pour

At Thy feet its treasure store.

Take myself and I will be

Ever, only, all for Thee.