Surprising Mini Electric Cooper SE beats the Nürburgring circle without using its brakes

Electric Mini Cooper SE laps the Nürburgring without using its brakes

The digital trends says that The Nürburgring is where automakers go to set lap records, but Mini had a different point to prove when it showed up at the German racetrack with its first all-electric model.

The 2020 Mini Cooper SE did not set a blazing fast lap time on the 12.9-mile ‘Ring, but the lap was impressive for another reason. The driver didn’t use the brakes.

Like most electric cars, the Mini Cooper SE has both conventional friction brakes and regenerative braking, which uses the resistance of the electric motor to slow the car down. This is primarily used to recapture energy that is normally lost as dissipated heat, helping to recharge the battery pack. But it also allows the driver to control speed solely with the throttle, what electric car drivers fondly refer to as “one pedal driving.”

Electric Mini Cooper SE laps the Nürburgring without using its brakes

From motor authority

A major benefit of electrified cars is the ability to recapture energy normally lost as heat when braking.

Known as regenerative braking, the electric motor that powers the wheels of a hybrid or EV can act as a generator whenever the driver lifts off the accelerator.

The kinetic energy of the moving vehicle spins the generator which charges the battery and slows down the vehicle.



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