Stop day dreaming of presidency: Gashumba attacks bobi wine and the people power


Annews24- Kampala, The CEO and Founder of Sisimuka Uganda and business man, Frank Gashumba finally made a clear live video, which reasonably had to cool down Bobi Wine and his people power supporters.

This time, the father to the Sheila Gashumba put more emphasis on those who think the Kyadondo East MP Bobi Wine is capable of making it for presidency in 2021.

While airing out views, Frank Gashumba proudly mentioned Dr Kizza Besigye as the only capable threat that can take over power. Following the recent stress Besigye caused on Museveni in the former campaigns and elections, many opposition leaders believed that indeed he’s a true hero.

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However, Gashumba added and asked his followers and revelers a question, “Show me any political activity carried out by the opposition that reflects a bright future in Uganda?”. Many people couldn’t reply that question because they knew the truth.

“I remember people started criticizing Kizza Besigye I hear you’re a political failure blah blah. The big man decided  to step down and give a chance to other new politicians /Political parties with the same vision of bringing CHANGE To Uganda.

Today Frank Gashumba has asked people a question, Ever since Kizza Besigye stepped down, Show me any political activity carried out by the opposition that reflects a bright future in Uganda?”

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Therefore, remember even the blogger Peng Peng yesterday criticized the Kyarenga singer and his people power supporters.

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