Steps to cure prostate Cancer stage 4 metastasis

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This is a true story of one of the victims, Vernon Johnstone managed to cure prostate cancer in phase 4, which he even metastasized into the bone marrow, using only sodium bicarbonate and molasses. However, doctors will never tell you this is possible.

His brother’s advice.
When Vernon was diagnosed with cancer, his brother Larry told him to try to increase the pH value in his body because the cancer can not progress in the alkaline environment. Larry recommended Vernon cesium chloride to increase the pH in his body.

Vernon’s miraculous result
Vernon wrote his treatment in the diary. There he wrote his cancer fight, writing down the protocol he used, which implied a diet that stimulates alkalinity, minerals, vitamin supplements and lots of sunlight.

Vernon also exercised breathing exercises to contribute to the process of increased oxidation caused by a sudden increase in pH. Oxygen kills anaerobic cancer cells.

Vernon did not pass any special treatments. Optimal cesium chloride was ordered, but this substance was lost in the mail. Since there is not much time, Vernon was looking for something else to raise the pH value.
Cancer cells feed on sugar that can be fermented, not oxygen. Javier’s syrup acts as a trojan horse that allows sodium bicarbonate to enter cancer cells, shock them with alkalinity and oxidize to destruction.

Vernon also served molasses, even gave him a better mineral base as nutritional support. Otherwise, most alternative cancer therapies include complete removing of the sugar because develop cancer.

After several weeks, Vernon went for a medical examination and confirmed that he was completely cured of prostate and bone marrow cancer. He’s still telling his story today.


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