Stay away from Destiny Destroyers in your Marriage

Destiny Destroyer


Guys Please Listen

If you are not financially stable,
You have no business dating a high class girl that you know you can’t take care of.

You will just end up destroying your destiny.
Avoid those ladies that always demand for what they know you can’t afford.

They are destiny destroyers.
I know it may sound funny but that’s the truth because those type of ladies will end up playing with your destiny.

Please guys, always try to work hard and spend time on yourself.

Don’t be deceived, there’s only few women that can stick to you when you don’t have money. Some might just be with you because they haven’t seen a guy with BENZ for now.
Once she sees them, Voom, she will disappear.

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This is the main reason why I always advice those guys close to me to please, focus on making a better future for themselves first before anything else.
Women no dey Finish.
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If you really want to end well in life, invest your time in your future, when you have the money different ladies will fall to you in wonderful places.

A Word Is Enough For The Wise.

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