She is your house helper not A house Maid – Quotes

She is your house wife not a house maid


Guys please listen.

There is a big difference between a HELPER and a MAID.
You can check that on Google or dictionary if you still doubt.
Your wife is meant to be your helper and not a maid.

Some men have turned their wives into maid.
Even the Bible said it, that a wife is a helper to a Man.

(My brother, just Check “Genesis 2:18”)

(The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him”.)

How can you leave all the house chores for your wife alone? She is not a wood, remember, she is a human being just like you.

Sometimes try to assist her. The worst part of it is that some of these ladies also go to work and still come back with you at the same time in the evening.

She will enter the kitchen to put hot water for you to bath, then you will enter the bedroom to pull off, as you enter the bathroom to take your bath, she is preparing your meal, once you finish bathing, straight to parlor, your food is already served.

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Now she will start washing the children’s cloths who came back from school, help them with their school assignments, prepare the food that the children will take to school the next day and get them ready for bed.
And you are watching TV.

Once it’s 10pm you go to bed.

Now the woman will finish everything maybe around 1am before she will come and join you in the bed.

Remember you have slept for 3 hours and she has not even sleep at all.

Now you will start touching her, you need her and when she say she is tired, you will be angry, without knowing that she is also a Human Being Like you.

Maybe she will just try, just to please and make you happy. Now, by the time she closes her eyes to sleep, it’s 3am and she will still wake up 5 am to prepare the children for school before she  she gets ready to commute  to her own work place.

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Please guys try to consider we ladies sometimes, it’s not easy at all.
If you help her wash plate in the kitchen brother, you won’t die.
If you help her sweep the house brother, you won’t die.
If you help her wash your children’s clothes, brother you won’t die.

Remember, those children are Your children as well and not her Children alone.
You can even help her to cook in the kitchen, You won’t die.

See let me tell you,                                                                                                        the way you treat your wife is the way she will look for you and the same time, your children are observing how you treat your wife, they will most likely mimic you. You are your children’s role model. If you help her with some work in the house, your wife will look good, beautiful and healthy all the time.

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But if you don’t, she will get old quick and your friends that married the same time with you, their wives will still be looking forever young and vibrant while your own wife is looks old and worn out. This is due to the way you handle your wife by not assisting her in the house.

Even if you are not married right now,
Please when you marry dear, be a good man and assist your wife sometimes so that she can live long for you. Team work is very necessary in a marriage as well, be a team player to your life partner.  She won’t stop appreciating you for the rest of her life.

She is your house wife not a maid

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