Revealed Facts behind the Hoima By-Election – Tension

Revealed Facts behind the Hoima By-Election - Tension

Uganda- Hoima, Facts about HOIMA district ahead of tomorrow election

Over one hundred Election observours are heading to Hoima District to observe the up coming by Elections for the Woman Member of Parliament scheduled for this Thursday.
The by-election is intended to fill a vacancy left behind after Hoima District Woman MP, Hon. Kaahwa Tophace Byagiira crossed to represent a newly created district of Kikuube.

Hoima district in mid-western Uganda is comprised of two (2) Counties, one (1) Municipality, 17 Sub Counties and 69 Parishes. The by-election will be conducted at 266 Polling Stations.

Among the Obesrvours are members from the Citizens coalision for Electoral Democracy who have been accredited by the Electoral commision to observe polling and vote counting at all the polling stations as well as monitor proceedings at the Tally Centre.

Revealed Facts behind the Hoima By-Election - Tension
Museveni for nrm candidate

Two candidates are running for the highly competitive Election for the seat and they include Asinansi Kamanda Nyakato of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC),United forces of change and Harriet Businge Mugenyi of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Revealed Facts behind the Hoima By-Election - Tension

Crispy Kaheru the cordinator at CCEDU says as Election observours,they are paying special attention to the pre-election environment including the last political campaigns period.

Secrets also reveal that ..

1. Undermine Bobi as weak
2. Start September revolutions
3. Get PP leadership thrown in jail for treason again others killed.
4. Besigye remains the only option
5. People power have no option but to vote Besigye in revenge to Govt.
6. Besigye prolongs Museveni reign as he will surrender another victory by promising okukola ekidako.
7. Ugandans will cry twahwa nga entulege.

Way forward.
1. If she looses, Pp dont cry more than the bereaved.
2. Watch their every move
3. Don’t fall in this trap.



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