Respect your parents in their old Age to get a blessing from them – Quotes

Respect your parents in their Age to get a blessing from them - Quotes


One day when a doctor was on duty at a clinic in the hospital, a patient who came, who was an elderly woman, with his son, who was around 30 years old, was on duty.

When the doctor watched the patient and his son, the doctor saw that the boy was giving extra attention to this mother.

Respect your parents in their Age to get a blessing from them - Quotes
Respect your parents in their Age to get a blessing from them – Quotes by

He took his mother’s hand, then he tidied her clothes and gave her to eat and drink. After the doctor talked with her child about her mother’s health problems and the doctor also asked her mother to be examined.

After being examined, the doctor asked his son about the condition of the mother’s mind which in my opinion was rather visible and awkward. After the doctor asked, the boy answered, “She is my mother, doc. My mother has had mental retardation since I was born. “When she heard that, the doctor’s curiosity grew even more.

Then the doctor again asked a few things to his son, “Then, who cared for him all this time?” And the child immediately replied, “I care for him doctor.”

Respect your parents in their Age to get a blessing from them - Quotes

Hearing this the doctor felt amazed and also surprised, seeing a child who was very devoted to parents.

The doctor again asked the child the question, “And all this time, who has bathed and washed your mother’s clothes?” Then the young man replied, “I sent my mother into the bathroom to take her own bath.

I waited for him outside the bathroom door until my mother finished bathing. After he finished bathing, I gave him clothes to wear.

My mother’s former dirty clothes I put in later and put them in the washing machine for me to wash. I bought the clothes that you need. “

After hearing all that the doctor finally asked other things more deeply about his mother, “Why don’t you find a maid who can take care of your mother?” the maid also can’t really understand it.

I was worried about my mother, so I decided that I would take care of my mother directly. Because my mother is like a child. He can not do things that are normally done by other normal adults.

And I’m the one who really understands and understands my mother. Because I have been taking care of my mother for almost 20 years.

“Hearing all that, it felt like the doctor’s throat hurt, unable to hold back the emotion to hear the story and his treatment of his mother.

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Truly a child who is devoted to his parents. The doctor again asked his child the question, “Are you married now?”, “Thank God doc, I am married and also have two children,” he replied to the doctor.

The doctor also asked again, “Means that all this time, your wife also helped you to take care of your mother?” Then the boy replied, “Yes doc, my wife is helping me as much as I can because I also don’t want to force it. My wife cooks and feeds my mother to eat. My mother was very fond of my wife’s cooking, and my mother was also very pleased to be fed by my wife.

I have also brought helpers to help with other work that my wife should have done. However, I always tried so that I could eat together with my mother. Because I have to pay attention to the sugar content my mother eats.

Because, my mother has always had Diabetes. Therefore I must always pay attention to it so that my mother remained healthy. I am always grateful to God because I am surrounded by people who love me and also my mother. God is very good indeed.

“Hearing all this, the doctor was even more amazed by the child who served this parent and his wife.

When the doctor looks at the mother, the doctor accidentally sees how neat and clean the nails of the mother is. At that time the doctor asked back to the child, “Then who is the memtong your mother’s nails? I see her nails are very neat clean and maintained.

“Then the child replied,” I’m a doctor. I did it because my mother could not do anything. That’s all I can do to make my nails clean”. When we were chatting, suddenly the mother looked at her child and asked her child, “When will you buy me potatoes? I really want to eat braids.

I’m hungry. “Asked the mother to her child. And his son immediately answered his mother’s request, “Calm down mother, after all this is finished we will go to the place of food that sells potatoes that you want.

Don’t you worry, okay? I will definitely buy a potato mother. ”After hearing this, her mother looked happy happily as she jumped up and down. After that, the child looked at the doctor and said, “Doc, for God’s sake … When I saw my mother happy like that I was very happy. The happiness exceeds when I see my children happy. My mother is the most precious person who gave birth to me in this world by risking his life. “

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The doctor felt compassion and was touched to hear the words of the child who were devoted to the parent.

The cries held by the doctor were heartbroken to see them and their loving and loving children.

After that, the doctor went back to look at his mother’s medical record file to make sure that everything was written in full.

Curiosity, the doctor came back. The doctor asked the boy again, “Do you have a brother or sister?”, “No.

I have neither brother nor sister, I am the only son of wayang. My mother divorced my father a month after they got married. Until now I don’t know who my real father is. “” So far you have been cared for by your father? “, Asked the doctor again to him.

He answered, “No. During this time I was treated by my grandmother. And my grandmother also took care of my mother when I was little. But grandmother has died. But I’m sure God has joined my grandmother in heaven, because of the infinite goodness of grandma. Grandma died when I was 10 years old”.

And when the doctor asked if his mother took care of him when he was sick, he also answered no.

Because indeed his mother really could not do and did not understand anything. After that, the doctor wrote a prescription for the mother.

The doctor also explained about drugs and how to use these drugs. After finishing explaining everything, the child then held her mother’s hand while smiling and said to her, “Come on mom, now we are done.

Let’s go to buy the potatoes that mom wants. Thank you also the doctor said to the child and mother for wanting to wait patiently. “But unexpectedly her mother instead answered like this,” Nooo ..

I already do not want potatoes. Now I want him to go to Mecca. Let’s go to Mecca “. The doctor was surprised by his mother’s answer, and the doctor asked his mother, “Why do you want to go to Mecca? What makes you want to go there? “Then the mother answered happily,” So that I can fly in the air. So that I can board the plane.

I want to get on a plane. Let’s go to Mecca. “Hearing this, the doctor asked his son again,” Are you really going to bring your mother to Mecca? “Then the boy replied,” Yes, of course I will bring it. I will work on it so that my mother can go there later this month. “

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The doctor also said that actually in religion there is no obligation for Umrah for her mother and the doctor asked why she would still bring her to Umrah.

The boy answered my statements and questions with a smile, “It is not required. But maybe the happiness I felt when I took my mother to Mecca was an extraordinary happiness for my life.

And maybe that will also make my reward greater than my Umrah by not bringing my mother with me. ”After answering the last question from the doctor, the boy thanked him and then he and his mother rushed to leave the clinic.

Lack of Oxygen

After that, the doctor asked the nurse to leave the doctor alone in the room with the excuse of being tired and wanting to rest.

But actually that’s just a doctor’s reason, because doctors don’t want nurses to see him cry.

The nurse finally left me alone in the room. When the nurse left, the doctor was unable to hold back tears.

The doctor said to himself, “So devoted to the child’s parents. He was very devoted to his mother, his mother who had never fully become a real mother like other normal mothers.

But the love the child has for his mother is truly unlimited. Really – really a child who is very devoted to parents.

May God always give a child who is dedicated to the parent’s health, fortune, and happiness so that the child who is devoted to the parent can give everything he has to his mother”.

His mother was pregnant and looked after the child, but never once did the mother care for him, holding him with great affection, taking care of him when he was sick, teaching him to read the writings, walk, count, talk, and never do things that a mother should do to her child. But her child is the most precious gift her mother was born into this world.

An extraordinary gift from Allah to the mother who has such mental retardation.

From this story we can take an important lesson in our lives that we as children have an obligation to care for, care for, and pay attention to our parents in their old age under any circumstances because we will not be able to feel all the pleasures of the world without the effort and struggle. from a mother to give birth to us.