Removing Intel i5-10400 Power Limits on H470 vs. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (ft. ASUS APE)

Removing Intel i5-10400 Power Limits on H470 vs. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (ft. ASUS APE)

Intel’s i5-10400 2666MHz memory limitations are in fact present on B460 & H470 motherboards, but so is ASUS APE, which is supposed to help performance. This benchmarks that.

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The biggest takeaway here is that, yes, the i5-10400 is limited to 2666MHz. It’s not able to do 2933MHz on these two boards, and even if it could, it still wouldn’t be good. The ASRock boards can do BFB, or Base Frequency Boost, but our understanding is that this works the same way as ASUS’ APE (ASUS Performance Enhancement). In this video, we’re re-benchmarking the i5-10400 one final time on the B460 and H470 motherboards to finally look at if its memory is limited off of Z490, as it has been for about a decade now, just to make sure.

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00:00 – ASUS APE & ASRock BFB

06:56 – Intel XTU Power Limit Examples

07:40 – Power Consumption Without Power Limits

08:33 – i5-10400 Frequency with Unlocked Limits

10:00 – Game Tests

11:29 – Hitman 2 i5-10400 “OC” Benchmarks Power Limits Removed

12:19 – F1 2019 i5-10400 “OC” Benchmarks with ASUS APE

12:59 – GTA V i5-10400 vs. R3 3300X Benchmarks & RAM Tune

13:33 – Tomb Raider i5-10400 No Limit Benchmarks

13:54 – Three Kingdoms Campaign i5-10400 vs. Ryzen Tune Benchmarks

14:48 – Blender Cycles CPU Render i5-10400 vs. Ryzen Benchmark

15:41 – Chromium Code Compile CPU Benchmarks

16:09 – Conclusion of ASUS Performance Enhancement

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Test Lead, Additional Reporting: Steve Burke

Testing, Editorial: Patrick Lathan

Video: Keegan Gallick