A bizarre occurrence took place in Ajegunle area of Lagos State, when a bird that was flying in the sky, fell and transformed into an old woman.

A witness who only gave his name as Emeka narrated that he was sitting in front of a compound with his friend when they saw three black birds in the air flying as if they were playing and he jocularly told his friend, Kemi that two of the birds could be male, fighting over the only female one. He said barely had they finished laughing over the joke when one of the birds fell and landed on a moving pick-up van belonging to the Eko Electricity Distribution Company, while the rest flew away.

Emeka said the bird then, fell on the floor and suddenly turned into an old woman, with blood gushing out of her forehead, as she rolled on the road. He said a large crowd was attracted to the scene and the woman confessed to being a witch from Ibadan and that she came for a meeting in Lagos and was going back when the incident occurred. The source said the woman told the bewildered crowd that they missed their way which was why they were hovering in the air till daybreak, adding that she fell because of tiredness.

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Every household witches that is against your marriage, against your promotion, against your peace, against your success, against your raising, I called Holy Ghoooooooost fire to strike them down within 7days, they shall be disgrace in Public. AMEN!
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