Qualities Of A Good friend – “How to be A Good Friend”


Who is a good friend, what are the qualities of a good friend, Do you believe in Friendship, let’s discuss,

Let’s discuss about how to be a good friend, its hard to find a good friend because people are now days hostile, people hate with no reason and this has led to increase of crimes because people lost humanity. Here are some of the qualities of a Good friend.

1, Being Real

Many People are turned off by those who are constantly trying to be someone they are not at all, All people are most comfortable around others who are comfortable in their own skin. So just be yourself enough to gain trust from a friend. Even though you aren’t that perfect, the way you handle your strengths and faults with humility and confidence will give other friend permission to be real and relaxed with you, as well. Real friends are relaxed around each other, We all need that one friend who is real.

2, Being honest

Honesty is another concept with realness,  Keep your promises and do what you say you’re to do, Be available  and reliable  because no body wants that friend who lies everytime,  And remember the lies will one day be brought to light and it will be a shame  which may even lead to enemity. Good friends say the truth to one another even if it’s hard any  way, One of the wisest  men is the bible king Solomon said that (Faithful are the wounds of a friend , but  the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Let’s learn from this.

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3, Being A good Listener

Concentrate on whatever story your friend is telling you, Don’t keep watching TV or playing games on your computer when your friend is telling you a certain story. Listen to your and act accordingly where necessary, advice your friend and make sure that the matter is totally solved once its shared with you, keep asking your friend about their life and if their having any hard time they may be going through.

4, Keeping Secret

True friends keep their fellows’ secrets. A friend is that one person who you can tell all your inner problems your going through and he or she helps you solve the problem without telling anyone else, Be trustworthy to your friends by keeping their secrets. A true friend is that one who you trust with your secret.

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5, Playing together

Friends discover their talents  together because they spend much of their time together while playing  different games like
– Football
This most cases helps to discover each other’s best game.

6, Making Time for each other

Time is all we have to live on earth, do you take some time to talk to your friend?, Remember that no friend can develop over a night,  it takes time to prove a true friend, A wise man in the bible king Solomon said that; Friends come and Go but a true friend sticks by you like family. Hope we all be like that friend in life.

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7, Encouraging  each other

Like in Marriage, A friend has to also be supportive to the other by encouraging them on various issues they are facing in all amicable ways. Even when a friend is loosing hope with some hard problems, A true friend will always be their to encourage his fellow.

8, Being Loyal to each other

This includes handling your Anger, Many people make mistakes but they Are forgiven by their lover when you read about Qualities of a good marriage,  you will find that the main Emphasis  is put on loyaness, being loyal to one another takes nothing. Friends be there for each other even if they have had fights or misunderstandings,  they laugh together,  they cry together, dont think that only being their is enough. Afriend wrote to me and said that ( I have great friends who are always there for me and always know how to make me happy). Be that friend.

Thank you for reading and keep sharing with others, God bless.