Nambooze -You spoke nosense and lies but thats the truth about Coffee


Uganda Hon Nambooze back fires at president Museveni Kaguta after his speech about The Katikilo of Buganda owekitibwa Mayiga Peter about the Licence of Coffee growers in Uganda , details below


At State House last evening Mr.Museveni called the Buganda Katikiro a lier and a perdon who speaks rubbish….

His I mention was to belittle the Katikiro for he Insisted that his interpreter Rose Namayanja gives his word their true meaning in Luganda.

Mr.Museveni said that farmers are to be registered because foreign buyers if coffee want to trace the coffee bean right from the farmer…so because of this what the Katikiro is saying are lies and Nonsense!

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In Parliament State Minister Mutuuzo on the floor of Parliament said the same things about me…she said that Iam a lier when I say that Ugandan girls in the Middle East are being enslaved.

She justified her submission with telling Parliament that these girls bring in 600 million dollars in the economy annually…so because of this, I who was talking about their plight was a lier and speaking Nonsense.

I therefore wish to inform Ugandans who care for our country to start telling the lies and nonsense like the Katikiro…..The two words changed meaning,they mean to oppose policies,actions and laws that disfavor Ugandans by exchanging their rights with foreign interests.

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