Mayinja Crowned a HERO after refusing NRM money and then Sung Bizeemu in Presence of Museveni.

You Refused To Join NRM and rushed bobi wine's People power
You Refused To Join NRM and rushed bobi wine's People power

Uganda- Kampala,  President Yoweri Museveni has come out to defend himself and his government saying they are better than Amin’s government and that he has never killed anyone. 

The President was reacting to a controversial song, Bizeemu, by musician Ronald Mayinja. Trouble started when Mayinja stepped on stage at Catherine Kusasira’s Album launch at Serena and sang Bizeemu.

In the song, Mayinja says that the issues that forced Museveni to go to the bush are still prevailing. He mentions kidnaps, murders, poor governance, etc.

Museveni, who was the chief guest, took to the microphone and accused Mayinja of singing lies in many of his songs including the ‘Bizzemu’. An angry Museveni said that he has never killed anyone and that the current murders are being stopped.

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He explained that unlike in 1980’s, today the killers are individuals not the government in the power.

He advised Mayinja to stop using music to distort facts and other NRM achievements. “This is good for entertainment and business, but should never be to the detriment of strides made in bringing our country out being a failed state.

For example, I disagree with one of the singers who was saying “Bizeemu”, as if to say that this NRM government is committing crimes against its people!,” he said.

He added: “Artists should use their talents in ways that do not sow divisions based on lies. The government of Uganda is working against all the threats and crimes against Uganda and her people.”

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Mayinja is popular for his songs that criticise the government. He is famous for his Africa and Tuli Ku Bunkenke hits. He recently declared that he is going to contest for the Gomba East MP seat