Mawokota issues can’t be Personalised- Dr Hilderman responds to Amelia kyambadde.

Mawokota issues can't be personalised- Dr Hilderman responds to Amelia kyambadde.
Mawokota issues can't be personalised- Dr Hilderman responds to Amelia kyambadde.

Their was a war between MP Amelia Kyambadde and Dr Hilderman where Amelia was claiming to have helped alot Hilderman, Hilderman has responded so straight in the statement below.


NEW VISION News paper on Saturday published an Article that AMELIA HITS BACK AT HILDERMAN. As I went through events of the day I landed on this one which looks almost similar. I decided to pen to the public a few things.

Am a son of Mawokota being legible to serve Mawokotanians at any level because am more than qualified basing on requirements. At 38yrs now, am No longer a small boy, our Jajas joined public work young than us but we fail to understand why in their regime they do not respect us but rather call us boys while they were respected and supported by our grand parents of that time.

Why i am contrsting for MP Mawokota North come 2021.
1) It’s my constitutional right as a son of Mawokota.
2) I have necessary requirements
3) As a son of Mawokota I am interested in serving the Mawokotanians, they are my parents, relatives and my real people. The personal attachment to the community is far than the office many are yearning for.
4) With due respect Hon Amelia announced serving us for the last term. I respect people with integrity that’s why I am affected with some statements from her. As sons of the soil we began to prepare ourselves.

Mawokota issues can't be personalised- Dr Hilderman responds to Amelia kyambadde.
Mawokota issues can’t be personalised- Dr Hilderman responds to Amelia kyambadde.

I have nothing personal with Jaja Amelia, I am contesting as a son of the soil to carry on with her achievements and also rectify her weaknesses. No body is perfect but reasons why public offices have durations and contracts is to have and allow different talents. It takes civilised people to apreciate this principle.

Amelia did stuff for me, but these were all done for the many things I was doing in return. Actually I did more but because Mawokota was more than my personal gains I took on whatever offers she could have had not considering the genuine payments if I regarded her as a project.

Mawokotanian challenges are more than dishing out money and each gets a 2000/= or more. They need the hook to fish than the fish to eat that single day. The Mawokotanians have primary challenges which can actually be solved by themselves but need mobilisation.

Mawokota needs a leader than an administrator, the governor attitude in Mawokota and Mpigi in general have collapsed all organs.

We want and need a leadership connection is Mawokota and entire Mpigi in general. Challenge me with how many meetings organised for leaders from LC3, District Council and Hon members of parliament for the past 9yrs collectively with emphasis of Mawokota issues. We need a united Mawokota but not an individual driven district like it is now. Leaders only smile to each other in public but unable to offer the other a signature if required. These are all key issues.

At 38, I want to preserve and carry on with Hon Amelias achievements, and also work on where she has failed. If DMS records had not given me an offer to record Mazongoto, I would not be here.

So is leadership, before given platform no body can never realise your potential.

It’s Hon Amelia’ s turn to show if she can support another candidate or addicted to being supported.


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