Marriage Quotes – Give no ear to haters to grow Stronger in you relationship

Marriage tips


Friedns Please Listen carefully

That it doesn’t work for you and that lady doesn’t mean that it won’t work for her and another person.maybe you guys are not meant for each other.

Do you know that some people are so wicked that they can come and tell you how many times they have slept with your girl friend or Wife?
They may do it directly or indirectly.

The girl you said isn’t perfect for you may be a blessing to someone else…
So please don’t go and spoil someones home or relationship with your bad mind.

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We all have been in different relationships.
If it doesn’t work for you, try to make it work. But after trying to make it work and it’s not working, just know you aren’t meant for each other.

My Advice.

Don’t listen to any sort of gossip like this if you want to be happy in your relationship or marriage.
Some are just jealous they can’t have that guy or lady back in their life.
So they only look for a possible means to scatter the relationship or marriage.

Your family will be overwhelming and all the best will be your way, dont forget that all in all , God is the Top creator and founder of marrige, so keep your marriage in God’s hands always for moslems keep praying to Allah.

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