List of the 10 Failed Projects set by Museveni to fight Bobi wine And people power

List of the 10 Failed Projects set by Museveni to fight Bobi wine And people power
List of the 10 Failed Projects set by Museveni to fight Bobi wine And people power



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1. Bebe Cool:

This one was the first man to be used to fight Bobi Wine day and night, He has 57 fake facebook accounts he uses to fight Bobi Wine. He used to abuse oppressed ugandans that they are cockroaches, he could even wake up at midnight to post false accusations on Bobi Wine.

He gave up when he realized that the man he is fighting has no time for dumb people. Of recent, Bebe Cool hired a man who came up with false accusations in a video, that Bobi Wine killed somebody at Busabala beach, people failed to buy the crap coz the man was just lying in the video…Bebe Cool played tricks with other NRM diehards and crucified a poor youth with 6inch nails in order to tarnish People Power name that they are the one who did so. It’s now three months, no police report about the the crucified youth.

2. Andrew M Mwenda:

This one was given a task to abuse and insult Bobi Wine everytime he appears on TV or Radio talk shows. He surrendered when he realized that Bobi Wine is too busy to give him time.

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3. Calvin Kayanja:

This is a struggling Ugandan who is on Kyeyo in Arab World, he used to think that he is too smart, he knows politics very well, he could make nonstop videos abusing Bobi Wine. But he gave up when he realized that Bobi Wine is fighting for the oppressed.
4. Brian White:

This man was given money by State. He used to splash money to the youth tellling them not to support Bobi Wine.He was disappointed when he went in Arua to splash money to the youths and the youth in Arua thanked and praised Bobi Wine’s name. That was the end of Brian White.
5. Comedian Kabaata:

This one was made a video abusing Bobi Wine and telling Ugandans not to accept his words, he talked alot of things tarnishing People Power name, surprisingly the video was posted on Bebe cool’s page. After few weeks Kabaata apologized on social media for attacking Bobi Wine and People Power and revealed that it was Bebe Cool who paid him to attack Bobi Wine.

This is a click of individuals who support NRM. They were very strong at first. These ones thought that they can make people hate Bobi Wine by sharing Bobi Wine old pic of 2000, little did they know that they were wasting their energy and MBs.

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They are good at editing Bobi Wine pics…This group has tried whatever it takes to fight People Power on social media but they have failed bcoz they don’t have new tricks, they are only good at sharing Bobi Wine old pics. Of recent Some of these guys where seen fighting for cooked food and 50K at Kololo Airstrip on NRM party that was organized by Balaam.
7. Balaam Barugahare:

This man surprised everyone when he said that he is going to register People Power slogan to be his. He said People Power does not belong Bobi Wine bcoz he failed to register it. But after few days Balaam denied his words that he has never thought of registering People Power slogan.
8. Catherine Kusasira:

This one came with Mabugo trick and it failed to work out.

9: Isma olaxes.

this one was more confused than the person who employed him .

10: Mohammed Nsereko :

He spoke all the English words in the dictionary but the love Ugandans have for Bobi Wine was too overwhelming for him , he used to go live every Sunday , but Ugandans rather frustrated him that he thought .

Now ladies and gentlemen allow me to inform you that the new machinery on block is Butcham…Lets just seat down and we see the tricks he has come with.

You can comment with the name of the person you want to be added on the list .

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