KZN to ‘present a clear plan’ in coming weeks on taxi industry and political killings | News24

KZN to ‘present a clear plan’ in coming weeks on taxi industry and political killings | News24

Three teachers injured, one driver dead following taxi-violence shooting (Supplied)

Three teachers injured, one driver dead following taxi-violence shooting (Supplied)

  • KZN Premier Sihle Zikalala announced that clear plans would be presented in the next few weeks to deal with the spate of murders in the province.
  • It would also include the return of the Multi-Party Political Intervention Committee.
  • He called on communities to out criminals in their neighbourhoods. 

A plan to stop rampant murders, due to taxi violence and political killings, will be expected in the coming weeks, KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala said on Wednesday.

“We have directed the MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison [Bheki Ntuli] to present clear plans in the next few weeks for dealing with the rampant killings in the taxi industry, and the plan to augment the teams dealing with political killings, including the resuscitation of the Multi-Party Political Intervention Committee,” Zikalala said.

He was addressing journalists during a media briefing at the Public Works offices in Durban, following a provincial executive meeting (PEC).

The move to form a committee, initiated by the KZN government executive, comes after a series of violent taxi and politically-related killings. The latest was the death of Umlazi Ward 84 councillor Bhekithemba Phungula, who was gunned down at his eNgonyameni home by unknown assailants on Tuesday evening.

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There has also been a series of taxi-related killings, with three teachers caught in the crossfire of a shooting on Tuesday morning. The taxi driver they were travelling with was killed.

Zikalala said they were continuing to implement the Moerane Commission report. The commission was established in 2016, following rampant politically-motivated assassinations in the province.

“We are still implementing the outcomes and recommendations of the Moerane Commission. We believe there must be something that is practical. That comes when the people in those localities assist us in ensuring we investigate, arrest and prosecute.”

He added: “That is why we call for the support of local communities and communities in general. We are committed, but also call on communities to work with police.”

Zikalala stressed the need for communities to out criminals.

“The Provincial Executive Council calls on all citizens to rise in exposing those behind the latest killings and violent incidents in our province. Those behind these dastardly deeds are the enemies of our Constitution as they have no regard for the right to life.”

He said innocent lives were being endangered.

“These acts of barbarism that are putting into danger the lives of our teachers, learners, councillors and citizens have outraged all of us. We appeal to the people of KwaZulu-Natal to refuse to be provoked, and to take a stand against these acts of criminality.”

In 2018, the Moerane Commission recommended, among others, that political education play a more important role at political parties.

The commission said that many deployees did not fully grasp democratic practices, “especially the universal practice of peaceful political competition as opposed to political intolerance and violent political competition”.


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