Kasese Massacre: We still need justice cor our country men and women who were killed by Museveni in Kasese – Bobi wine


Annews24, earlier this morning at 11:00am Uganda time,Bobi wine has urged the Government to at least tell the public what happened at Kasese because they have waited but no report about the #Kasesemassacre which was led by Gen elwen under the command of Museveni.

In his concern, Bobi wine urged that the Government should tell the public what happened and why because they have waited for so long. Briefly this is what he said;

As our people say, “The teeth may smile, but the heart does not forget.” We remember over 150 Ugandan citizens who were murdered in cold blood in Kasese on 26th and 27th November, 2016. Two years later, there is no justice for the victims of that horrendous crime- grand parents, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Like many other sad chapters in our country’s recent past, it is one which the government would love us forget about and pretend as if it never happened. But not the families, friends and relatives of those people who live with the pain and loss everyday.

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I stand in solidarity with the people of Kasese, and the area Members of Parliament, including my friends Hon. Winnie Kiiza, Hon. Robert Centenary, Hon.Godfrey Atkins Katusabe and William Nzoghu, as they continue to demand for answers and seek justice.

We need Justice For the Kasese Massacre, The Former LoP Winnie Kiiza Urges As we mark 2years since the blood