If You wont marry her, dont waste her time – Disadvantages of Dating for so long

If You you wont marry her, dont waste her time - Disadvantagesof Dating for so long

Do you know that Dating for many years has a lot of disadvantages from my own view.
Some of these disadvantages include the following :

1. It is only a few ones that lead to marriage. Many people who dated each other for many years end up breaking up. It is only a few lucky ones that got married.

2. It gives room for several abortions and unwanted pregnancies. This is not good because the lady may become barren later when she eventually get married.

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3. It gives room for several premarital sex. It is not possible for a girl to date a guy for 9 years without sex, even if they are devoted Christians. One day irresistible temptation will come.

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4. There is a high possibility that the guy will not pay any bride price because he will start seeing the lady as his wife. that is if the relationship did not break up. The girl will start cohabiting with the guy.

5. It leads to a serious heart break of one of the two partners if one of them later break up. Recently, a guy committed suicide due to a serious heart break after his girlfriend broke up with him after a 9 year relationship.

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6. It is meaningless. You don’t need to date each other for many years before you can study each other to know each other. 1 or 2 years is enough to know the basic things about your partner. You can’t know everything about each other even if you date each other for 20 years. So, dating for many years is not necessary.

8. It is not all relationships that must lead to marriage. Therefore, a relationship that doesn’t lead to marriage leads to delay in marriage. Where the relationship doesn’t lead to marriage, it chases away serious suitors who are ready for marriage.

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In summary,

If you don’t have intentions of marrying her, do not date a lady for the purpose of marrying her..!