We also have hope in You – An 80 year old Mzee tells bobi wine

Bobi wine in Lusanja

Kampala-Uganda, Bobi Wine in Lusanja to commemorate the late Yasin Kawuma who was shot by the SFC in Arua.

There was a by-election in Arua after the death of Abiliga who was from NRM, during the last campaign, the president of Uganda with the help of his Guards seized the whole area at night after the Campaign and Yasin kawuma was shot in Bobi wine’s Car , it is said that they thought that it was bobi wine.


Oldies with bobi wine

He is 80yrs old… When he heard that H.E Bobi Wine is going to be in Lusanja he travelled from Masaka Kyanamukaaka with his Osofia bag and he came direct to Lusanja

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I got a chance of interviewing him and he told me that one day he was sick and as he was going to Masaka referral hospital he bumped into Bobi Wine’s convoy and he saw Bobi Wine for the first time. He says that since then his sickness disappeared and he has always been happy.

Bobi wine with oldies

Then he promised himself that one day he will meet Bobi in person, shake his hands and give him a warm hug.

Thank God he has got his dream come true… He even got a gift of a beret from one fan and the other gave him 200K for transport.

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That is the Message from one of the Supporters of People power.

You murdered him And youre Spreading fake News about His Death bobi wine

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