How to help a friend with Relationship Problems


Top ways How to help your friend with relationship problems.

This topic has rezignated with me and some close friends. I’ve had much opportunities where I have had to help council or advice a friend through a difficult relationship. Here are some ways to help your friend with relationship problems.

1. Pray
Pray for your friend, that God will get him/mher through the trial at hand. Pray to God for guidance on how to help your friend by His Grace.

2. Advice your friend to pray as well

Even though you are praying for your friend during this difficult relationship, God will answer him/her first than you. Not it that God will be ot answer them but we are just intercessers

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3. Give Encouragement During this period, Encouragement is very much needed to keep your friend from going into depression. Let him/her know that all shall be well. Advice him/her to consult a professional relatioship counselor.

4. Sacrifice your time
Make time and visit your friend. There is something about having people around you during such moments, it helps to forget what is going, it’s a good distraction.

5. Keep your friend laughing
Crack jokes with your friend to make him/her laugh to avoid sadness. Do things together that bring joy and happiness.