How to be A good husband and Father in Marriage


How to be A good husband and Father

Their various ways anyone can be the best in a this world but when it comes to marriage, the Story changes, Marriage is mainly between the man and woman in a relationship.  Men should learn how to treat their wives and wives too but for today, we will discuss about how to be a good man (husband )

1; Love your wife

Loving one another is part of the relationship and at the same time enjoying the eachother because marriage is not a contract but it’s a life decision to be with your wife without any one of you thinking of the divorce

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2 Openess

The second point is about being open, being open is very wide but you should not keep any secret out of your marriage, keep all secrets within your marriage and doing so will help you gain more trust to your wife and you as well hence understanding each other.

3, Understand Your Wife

Make all thorough efforts to find out more about your wife, briefly this means you should know what’s your wife’s likes and dislikes, Her favorite colors, dresses and food spices, this will keep her comfortable with you Hence strengthening you Marriage because she will know that you understand all she wants.

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4, Take Your wife on trips

This point is Understandable, A good husband takes his wife for 3days to 4days trips away from their homes, this keeps your marriage refreshed always hence preventing boredom and remember having some memorable time with your wife contributes alot to you future and history with her.

5, Romance

Do you know how to make Romance? Do you kiss her, Do you take much of you time hugging her, Agood husband does all this to keep his marriage happy.

6, Refresh

A good husband always refreshes his marriage and it keeps new always, refreshing is like refreshing a computer, as you all know when you refresh a computer, it speeds up, it fixes bad bots, the same applies to marriage.

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On this very point, dont Forget that respect of a man is not obtained through having many women but taking care of that only woman you have and loving her to the bottom of your heart.


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