France Has Issued Arrest Warrant For Three Syrian Officials


(Annews24) Moscow- French investigating judge issued international arrest warrants against three senior Syrian intelligence officials a few days ago, according to French newspaper Lemonde.This is a first since the beginning of the revolution in Syria, in 2011, which resulted in a civil war.

Warrants were issued by an examining magistrate, in accordance with the prosecution’s submissions, on the counts of “complicity in acts of torture, complicity in enforced disappearances, complicity in crimes against humanity, and war crimes”.  Among those prosecuted is Ali Mamlouk, the current director of National Security, and the man who oversees the entire Syrian security apparatus. Video of Russia woman walking in fire arms

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The French newspaper says that the decision was not yet announced in France, and is still part of the open judicial information since October 2016.

The French newspaper says that the decision is not yet announced in France, and it has been part of the open judicial information since October 2016. Le Monde reported, citing legal sources, that a French court had issued international arrest warrants for three Syrian intelligence officials, suspected of “complicity in acts of torture, complicity in enforced disappearances, complicity in crimes against humanity and war crimes.”

They have reportedly been identified as Ali Mamlouk, head of the National Security Bureau, Jamil Hassan, chief of intelligence services of the Air Force, and Abdel Salam Mahmoud, head of the investigation branch of these services.

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Syrian authorities haven’t commented on the reports so far.