Effects of Sitting too long and how to sit Correctly

Common Signs of heart attack before one month

Com-me.com, Scientists have made new arguments about why and how much sitting increases the risk of many serious illnesses. 
For a long time believe that excessive sitting was only harmful to the spine, but new scientific knowledge confirms that it is destructive to the whole organism.

Several studies have indicated the existence of a relationship between long term seating and the risk of serious illness, and even premature death in one third of people who, according to statistics, spend more than 10 hours a day on the work table.

Everyday sitting at work causes many diseases, of which the most dangerous are diabetes and cardiovascular problems, according to researchers from the University of Leicester, based on analyzes that involved 800,000 people.

According to dr. Emily Vilmot, no everyday exercise can help you if you spend eight hours a day in a chair. Those who are sitting a lot have a double risk of diabetes, heart and kidney disease.

  • If you sit four hours in a chair five days a week, and your spine does not move, your knees and hips are bent, your body becomes stiff. Muscles are weak and the body starts to get sick  says Tim Alaris, osteopath and physiotherapist from the UK.

“After four hours of sitting, the body starts to send signals that it’s bad,” says Elin Eklbom-Bak of the Swedish School of Sport and Medical Science.

Even for those who practice sitting is bad. The first thing they are suffering from is the back: because of poor body state, there are severe pains in the shoulders, neck and back.

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Due to limited movement, most large muscle groups go through long phases of the immune system, and muscles become weak and cramps appear.


Walking and running stimulates the work of the hips and makes the bones firmer and thicker. Scientists have proven that the lack of activity contributes to the rapid development of osteoporosis.

The result is the accumulation of kilograms. Scientific research has shown that the lack of physical activity reduces the production of enzymes that fight fat accumulation in the body and up to as much as 50 percent.

Excessive sitting slows down the metabolism and causes changes in body functions, which leads to an increase in body weight.

Sitting increases blood cholesterol levels: after a few hours, good (healthy) cholesterol drops by 20% and enzymatic activity by 90%.

A recent study in Canada has shown that there is a strong link between multiple attacks and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, which sometimes have a fatal outcome.

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People who spend more than 11 hours in front of computers and televisions increase the risk of heart attack by 67 percent, and each hour spent in a sitting position increases the chances of developing heart disease.

Sitting increases the likelihood of diabetes by as much as seven percent.

Slowing body functions lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, as the body does not need energy, so the sugar remains in the blood.

In a study published in the British newspaper, it is said that after four hours of sitting, the body begins to ruin the production of lipase, an enzyme that absorbs fat.

It is advised that employees always talk on the phone and stretch out a small foot, even in the office.


Heart problems

Muscles burn less fat, and blood flows slower through the body during sitting, allowing fatty acids to easily break the artery of the heart.

Long sitting is associated with an increase in blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, and those who sit have a double chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Excessive work of pancreas

The pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that sends glucose to the cells to generate energy. But the cells in the empty muscles do not get the finished insulin, so it makes the pancreas more and more, which leads to diabetes and other illnesses.

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Colon cancer

Studies have identified the connection between long sitting and colon cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Causes are not clear enough, but according to one theory, excess insulin accelerates the growth of carcinogens. On the other hand, regular exercises and enough free movement of free antioxidants that kill bad cells, potential causes of cancer.


When you move, stand or sit well, your stomach muscles keep your body upright. But when you sit in a chair, they become useless. Poor back and abdominal muscles allow the spine to blame for a condition called lordosis.

Relaxed gluteus

During sitting, muscles do nothing, so they are easily used for this condition. When these muscles are soft, weak they inhibit normal walking and step.



Unhealthy spine

Damage to the disk

A recent study showed that those who spent more than seventh days in the weekly television viewing day had a 61% greater risk of death than those who were just one day of the day’s television screen.

(Time spent watching TV)
1-2 hours 4%

3-4 hours 14%

5-6 hours 31 process

more than 7 hours 61%


  • Do not tilt your head forward
  • Shoulders should be relaxed
  • Elbows at an angle of 90 degrees
  • Hands close of the body
  • The bottom of the back should have support
  • The legs standing right